Table Data dictionary report - purchase_history_items

Generated: 11/29/2017 8:26:46 AM
Server: PostgreSQL 9.3 (localhost:5432)
Database: inspire_health_2_7
Schema: public


Name Data type Not Null? Primary key? Default Comment
id integer Yes Yes nextval('purchase_history_items_id_seq'::regclass)
po_number character varying(10) No No Purchase order number
sequence smallint No No Sequence number starting at 0
whse character varying(6) No No Warehouse of item
part_no character varying(34) No No Part number of item
description character varying(80) No No Description of item
product_code character varying(10) No No Product code of item
uom_purchase character varying(10) No No Purchase unit of measure
uom_inventory character varying(10) No No inventory or stocking unit of measure
uom_sales character varying(10) No No Sales unit of measure
order_qty numeric(15,5) No No Quantiy ordered
received_qty numeric(15,5) No No Quantity received
inventory_order_qty numeric(15,5) No No Quantity ordered after conversion of unit of measure
inventory_received_qty numeric(15,5) No No Quantity received after conversion of unit of measure
last_received_qty numeric(15,5) No No Last quantity received
serialized_qty numeric(11) No No Serialized quantity received
retail_price numeric(15,5) No No Cost before line discount
unit_price numeric(15,5) No No Price after line discount
status smallint No No
whse_location character varying(20) No No Location in warehouse
vendor_part_no character varying(34) No No Vendors part number
guid character varying(32) No No GUID linked to sales and production orders
item_type smallint No No 1 - Physical Inventory 2 - Misc item, not in inventory 3 - Comment line 4 - Serialized or Lot Numbered 5 - Non Physical Inventory
last_received_date date No No Date line of PO last received
required_date date No No Date line required
comment text No No Line comment
_dbversion integer No No
_created timestamp without time zone No No
_created_by character varying(3) No No
_modified timestamp without time zone No No
_modified_by character varying(3) No No
reference character varying(20) No No Reference number as added by user
src_type character varying(4) No No Line source type INV = Inventory SORD = Sales order BORD = Production order
src_no character varying(40) No No Source number from sales and production order number
src_cust_no character varying(20) No No Source customer from sales order
employee character varying(6) No No Employee as added by user
weight numeric(15,2) No No 0 Line weight
job_no character varying(10) No No Job code
job_acct character varying(10) No No Job account
template_no character varying(10) No No
template_guid character varying(32) No No
revision character varying(8) No No
tax_applicable boolean[] Yes No '{f,f,f,f}'::boolean[] Array field stating which of 4 taxes are applicable t = Yes f = No
udf_data hstore No No ''::hstore hstore field containing user defined data
discountable boolean No No
line_disc numeric(5,2) Yes No Line discount percentage
line_disc_amt numeric(15,2) Yes No Line discount amount


Name Type Definition Comment
purchase_history_dtl_pkey Primary key (id)

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