Table Data dictionary report - production_templates

Generated: 9/23/2016 2:59:53 PM
Server: PostgreSQL 9.3 (localhost:5432)
Database: datadict
Schema: public


Name Data type Not Null? Primary key? Default Comment
id integer Yes Yes nextval('production_templates_id_seq'::regclass)
template_no character varying(10) No No Template number
whse character varying(6) No No Warehoue of top assembly item
part_no character varying(34) No No Part numbr of top assembly item
description character varying(80) No No Description of top assembly item
status character varying(1) No No
lead numeric(5) No No
cust_no character varying(20) No No Customer code that this template is used for
category character varying(6) No No Category of the top assembly item
priority smallint No No Priority normally used for th top assembly item
expected_yield_pct numeric(5,2) No No Expected yield percentage of the top assembly item
required_qty numeric(13,5) No No Normal required quantity
guid character varying(32) No No
reference character varying(30) No No Reference number
revision character varying(8) No No Revision number
employee character varying(6) No No Employee normally assigned to this item
instructions text No No Top assembly instructions
mfg_notes text No No
_dbversion integer No No
_created timestamp without time zone No No
_created_by character varying(3) No No
_modified timestamp without time zone No No
_modified_by character varying(3) No No
default_flag boolean No No false Flag to assign a template as default TRUE = Yes FALSE = No
udf_data hstore No No ''::hstore hstore field containing user defined data


Name Type Definition Comment
production_templates_pkey Primary key (id)

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