Table Data dictionary report - inventory_requisitions

Generated: 9/23/2016 2:50:10 PM
Server: PostgreSQL 9.3 (localhost:5432)
Database: datadict
Schema: public


Name Data type Not Null? Primary key? Default Comment
id integer Yes Yes nextval('inventory_requisitions_id_seq'::regclass)
requisition_no character varying(10) No No Requisition number
status character varying(1) No No U = Open O = PO created R = PO Received
whse character varying(6) No No Warehouse of item requisitioned
part_no character varying(34) No No Part number of item requisitioned
description character varying(80) No No Description of item requisitioned. Editable description goes to the PO created when processed.
unit_cost numeric(15,5) No No Unit cost - editable
user_cost boolean No No Flag to indicate if user edited the cost TRUE = Yes FALSE = No
ref_no character varying(20) No No Reference number that comes from sales order and is editable
reqd_date date No No Required date that will be added to purchase order
reqd_qty numeric(15,5) No No Quantity required
received_qty numeric(15,5) No No Quantity received
uom character varying(10) No No Unit of measure
src_type character varying(4) No No Source type INV = Inventory SORD = Sales Order BORD = Production Order
src_no character varying(40) No No Sourse PO or Sales order number
src_guid character varying(32) No No GUID linking to sales order or production order
src_cust_no character varying(20) No No Customer number from sales order
targ_type character varying(4) No No Target type PORD = Purchase Order BORD = Production Order
targ_vend_no character varying(20) No No Target vendor that the requistion will go to, or is on PO to
targ_no character varying(40) No No Purchase order or production order that this requistion line was sent to
targ_guid character varying(32) No No GUID linking this line to a pirchase order line or prodcution order
ship_to character varying(20) No No Customers shipto that this line is for.
_dbversion integer No No
_created timestamp without time zone No No
_created_by character varying(3) No No
_modified timestamp without time zone No No
_modified_by character varying(3) No No


Name Type Definition Comment
bve_requisition_pkey Primary key (id)

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