Table Data dictionary report - vendors

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Database: datadict
Schema: public

Table for Vendors


Name Data type Not Null? Primary key? Default Comment
id integer Yes Yes nextval('vendors_id_seq'::regclass) Unique identifier
vendor_no character varying(20) No No Vendor code
currency character varying(3) Yes No Vendor currency; blank = base currency - links to currencies.code
name character varying(60) No No Vendor's name
account_no character varying(20) Yes No ''::character varying Vendor assigned account number
last_po_number character varying(10) No No Last Purchase Order issued to this Vendor
last_payment_ref character varying(25) No No Last payment reference number
last_payment_date date No No Last payment date
terms_code character varying(10) No No Default Terms code - links to payment_terms.terms_code
fob_desc character varying(30) No No Not used
present_bal numeric(15,2) No No Present balance owing
no_credit smallint No No Not used
credit_line numeric(13) No No Credit limit
notes character varying(30) No No Vendor note
buyer_name character varying(60) No No Buyer name
reference character varying(60) Yes No ''::character varying Reference
tax_id_type character varying(1) No No CPRS/1099 Type flag; B = Business Number U = Social Insurance Number
gl_ap_no character varying(24) No No General Ledger Accounts Payable control account - links to gl_accounts.account_no
tax_id character varying(60) No No Business number or Social Insurance number
po_type character varying(1) No No Not used
use_remit_to boolean Yes No false Use Remit To address for payments; FALSE = No TRUE = Yes
print_cheques boolean No No Print cheques by default; FALSE = No TRUE = Yes
_dbversion integer No No Program version that last modified this record
_created timestamp without time zone No No UTC Date and time record was created
_created_by character varying(3) No No User initials that created this record
_modified timestamp without time zone No No UTC Date and time this record was last modified
_modified_by character varying(3) No No User initials that last modified this record
hold boolean Yes No false On hold flag; FALSE = No TRUE = Yes
status character varying(1) Yes No 'A'::character varying Status flag; A = Active I = Inactive
udf_data hstore No No ''::hstore User defined data for this record
use_billing_taxes boolean No No Use Billing address tax flags on Purchase Orders; FALSE = No TRUE = Yes
last_year_purchases numeric(15,2)[] Yes No '{0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0}'::numeric[] Last Year period 1 - 13 purchases by period
this_year_purchases numeric(15,2)[] Yes No '{0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0}'::numeric[] This Year period 1 - 13 purchases by period
next_year_purchases numeric(15,2)[] Yes No '{0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0}'::numeric[] Next Year period 1 - 13 purchases by period
color_text bigint Yes No 0 Text colour code for display of name
color_back bigint Yes No (B'111111111111111111111111'::"bit")::integer Background colour code for display of name
bank_institution character varying(3) No No Bank Institution number for electronic payments
bank_transit character varying(5) No No Bank Transit number for electronic payments
bank_account character varying(31) No No Bank Account number for electronic payments
payment_account character varying(24) No No
tax_report_type integer No No Tax report type; 1 = 1099 2 = T4A 3 = T5018


Name Type Definition Comment
vendor_pkey Primary key (id)

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