Table Data dictionary report - udf_fields

Generated: 2018-10-18 8:12:02 AM
Server: PostgreSQL 9.3 (localhost:5432)
Database: datadict_donotremove
Schema: public

Table of UDF field definitions


Name Data type Not Null? Primary key? Default Comment
id integer Yes Yes nextval('udf_fields_id_seq'::regclass) Unique identifier
page_id integer Yes No Link to
link_table character varying(32) Yes No Table this UDF definition record is for; AR = Accounts Receivable AP = Accounts Payable BOLi = Production Order Items BORD = Production Order EMP = Employees CUST = Customer INV = Inventory PORD = Purchase Orders PROD = Product Codes SHIS = Sales Sistory SHLi = Sales History Items SORD = Sales Orders SOLi = Sales Order Items VEND = Vendors
sequence integer Yes No Sequential number to control order of items
field_name character varying(32) No No ''::character varying Name of field
widget_type character varying(32) No No 'BCTextBox'::character varying Field type
field_label character varying(60) No No ''::character varying Field label
align smallint No No 0 Alignment setting; 0 = Left 1 = Centre 2 = Right
field_type smallint No No 0 Field type; 0 = Numeric 1 = Currency 2 = Percent 3 = Date 4 = Text 5 = Masked Text
decimals smallint No No 2 Number of decimals
thousands_sep boolean No No false Use thousands separator; FALSE = No TRE = Yes
negative_format smallint No No 0 Display negative format; 0 = -SYM1,234.00 1 = -1,234.00SYM 2 = SYM1,234.00- 3 = 1,234.00SYM- 4 = (SYM1,234.00) 5 = (1,234.00SYM) 6 = SYM1,234.00 (red) 7 = 1,234.00SYM (red)
text_mask character varying(64) No No ''::character varying Text mask set by user
mask_text_case smallint No No 0 Text case mask; 0 = Any Case 1 = UPPERCASE 2 = lowercase
validate_period boolean No No false Validate period flag; FALSE = No TRUE = Yes
validate_period_mode smallint No No 0 Fiscal period validatation mode; 0 = Current month 1 = Current year 2 = Within fiscal periods
postdate_warning boolean No No false Post-dated message enabled; FALSE = No TRUE = Yes
backdate_warning boolean No No false Back-dated message enabled; FALSE = No TRUE = Yes
require_numeric boolean No No false Require numeric data flag; FALSE = No TRUE = Yes
min_numeric bigint No No 0 Minimum number permitted
max_numeric bigint No No 0 Maximum number permitted
list_items character varying[] No No '{}'::character varying[] Items list as set by user
allow_null_date boolean No No false Allow empty date enabled; FALSE = No TRUE = Yes
default_null_date boolean No No false Default empty date enabled; FALSE = No TRUE = Yes


Name Type Definition Comment
udf_fields_pkey Primary key (id)
udf_fields_page_id_fkey Foreign key (page_id) REFERENCES public.udf_pages (id) MATCH SIMPLE ON UPDATE NO ACTION ON DELETE NO ACTION

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