Table Data dictionary report - gl_history_periods

Generated: 2018-10-17 8:27:00 AM
Server: PostgreSQL 9.3 (localhost:5432)
Database: datadict_donotremove
Schema: public

Table for General Ledger Fiscal Periods as they were when the Year End Close was performed for the Fiscal Year ending as stated in year_end.


Name Data type Not Null? Primary key? Default Comment
id integer Yes Yes nextval('gl_history_periods_id_seq'::regclass) Unique identifier
period smallint No No Period number 1 - 13
end_date date No No Period end date
year_end date No No Fiscal Year End date for this period
start_date date No No Period start date


Name Type Definition Comment
gl_history_periods_pkey Primary key (id)

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